Thai Massage Therapy

Good health and beauty through meditation, massage and use of natural herbal remedies is a time-honored quest in Thailand. Here our highly trained therapists will soothe away the stress of modern life, dissolve impurities and heal your body, mind and spirit. The benefits will become obvious from the moment they begin. A complete sensory experience steeped in holistic Asian healing traditions awaits you at Lela Thai Spa Killarney.

Balinese -€60
(60 Minutes)

A deep pressure massage using medium-depth strokes and pressure points to reach below the superficial muscle layers. The blended oil used helps to relieve muscular tension and balance the energies within the body.

Stress Reliever -€60
(60 Minutes)

Using Eastern and Western techniques, this oil massage combines soothing strokes and stretching to loosen muscular tension, encourage lymphatic flow to balance the internal system and coax your body to respond positively to the caring language of tourch.

Lela -€85
(90 Minutes)

Our signature massage uses palms and fingertips to apply pressure. We apply continuous strokes that flow rhythmically to stimulate blood circulation, iron out knots and induce a state of total relaxation.

Pregnancy -€60
(60 Minutes)

This masage uses a combination of strokes and light percussion applied to each part of the body consecutively. A soothing massage particularly suitable if your perfer to lie on your side as apposed to the your stomach.

Hot Stone -€95
(90 Minutes)

Ease away aches and tension from your body with this Palm based massage which is seamlessly blended with the use of special basalt stones.

Thai -€60
(60 Minutes)

Thai massage works on the theory of intrinsic energy flow. This massage carefully applies pressure to distribute  body energy and stretch the muscles, leaving the body relaxed and free from stiffness.

Ayurvedic -€60
(60 Minutes)

An ancient massage therapy that uses a combination of invigorating and soothing strokes to stimulate the nervous system in the body. The massage tones the skin and leaves you feeling refreshed.

Hawaiin -€60
(60 Minutes)

The renowned warmth of Hawaiian culture translated into a unique massage that uses palms and elbows rhythmically to soothe tense muscles and allow the healing energy to flow freely

Back Massage -€40
(30 Minutes)

This classic Thai Back Massage applies medium to strong pressure and irons out aches and paints; removing any stress and tension in the back.

Marma Therapy -€60
(60 Minutes)

A healing massage using pressure point techniques on the energy gateways, the palms and the soles of the body. This Massage promotes a feeling of absolute physical and mental well-being, leaving you completely  rejuvenate

Chakra Head -€55
(45 Minutes)

A complete massage of the body above the collar bone, followed by hot fomentation. This massage concentrates on the vital body points and provides relief to the sensory organs.

Aromatherapy -€55
(45 Minutes)

The facial muscles are gently stimulated with a mild aromatic facial oil, concentrating on the marma or the vital energy points. This massage relaxes the facial muscles and leaves skin glowing.

Indian Head -€40
(30 Minutes)

Ease away aches and tension from your body with this Palm based massage which is seamlessly blended with strategic use of special basalt stones.

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